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There are many ways for you to assist the cause and move us forward.


Volunteerism is a great and satisfying method of ensuring that help is given where it is needed.


If you cannot donate your time, thank you for the consideration.  We can also use items for our ladies, their children, and the family.  Clothing and non-perishable foods are always welcome.

Items of value and items of an estate, are a precious and endeared offer.  Value for some, can be transformed into needed items (bus passes, license/ID vouchers, or to get a hair cut) or collateral for future endeavors (emergency shelters, transitional housing, or supportive housing).

Lastly, another item of value that offers the most flexibility is monetary givings.  Donations are a perfect method of giving to a cause that can be used in many different forms.

Best of all, any giving to a 501 (c)3, like WISE, is tax deductible.

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