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Service Level Issues
  1. There are many organizations that help justice involved individuals, but after 2 pm, they seem to have phone issues.  Sure you can leave a voicemail, but the chance of a call-back is slim to none.  This is mainly due to the lack of resources the organization has at it's disposal.  So the individual has to continuously call, in hopes of reaching a person.  In another instance, if the release time is after 5 pm, the individual is forced to the streets... No hotel voucher, because no PO after hours.  If a female, she sells her body for a nights rest in a stranger's bed.

  2. Persons not from this area... Have to pay to move their probation office to their region.  Don't have the money (oh well), you will have to remain in homeless shelters until you have the funds to transfer your probation, because if you don't comply with your weekly report, you WILL be in violation and will return to your facility... the business of Home away from Home.

  3. There is no malice intent with homeless shelters as they serve a great purpose for any city.  But it is a fact that people who do not want to return to bad environments that are just released from the justice system, do not want to be near the triggers of drugs, mental illness, or any other influences.

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