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Programmatic Issues
  1. A main gap is when a person is released and instructed to check in with probation.  The issue comes up, when the individual does not have an assigned PO and told to come back... but the individual needs that PO for a referral to sober living or a half-way house... or for something as simple as bus passes, because they don't or never had a drivers license.  Some wait times for assignment are as great as 30 days.  How is a person supposed to not return to "the hustle", when the system is pushing them to do what they know for funds?

  2. Sober living - thanks to a new state requirement, short-term housing can only have an individual for 90 days.  At this mark in time, the individual is expected to have a job, transportation, and a residence identified.  Interesting that the local average for finding permanent employment, is in the area of 6 months to a year (and greater for justice involved persons).  A double edge sword, because unless you have your own transportation, you need funds to buy you monthly bus pass.  Then, in this area, finding a residence that is for low and affordable persons is easy, but getting on a 12 month list or even 11 years for a Choice Voucher is a major struggle.

  3. On the Disposition, there are conditions made for and to be used by probation in the execution of their function.  Conditions and stipulations executed by probation...are not necessarily followed or new ones are arbitrarily added

  4. Testing - Why are the pass/fail percentages of the urinalysis hidden?  What is the secret in being transparent with how an individual is measured?  What is the error rate of accuracy?

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