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Funding Issues
  1. It seems interesting that there is no discussion of the business aspect of the incarceration system.  How an inmate's books can be subjugated to seizure by Revenue and Recovery, that holds no bearing on the human rights of purchasing items for basic hygiene, communicating with family, or perhaps having a food alternative.

  2. Many small non-profits are fighting for survival as larger organizations are paying prevailing wages to professional grant writers for funds that do not make it all the way for the intended purpose.  Some boast an outreach of great areas, but focus on more convenient or affluent municipalities.  Some organizations are so obvious that because they know there are no checks-and-balances, the inner lining of their pockets receive the greater of funds.

  3. It is interesting that funding requests are so convoluted, that only persons with an insider relationship or legal background, have the capacity to successfully complete the application and become awarded.  Why isn't this a streamlined process that affords success equally for all organizations?  Or is the intent to be disguised behind the rhetoric to only be deciphered by linguists?

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