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       About Jackie Reed 
"From Sentence to Success."

My name is Jackie Reed born and raised in the Imperial Valley where I received all of my education (Imperial Valley College). My California Department of Corrections (CDC) Number was X30888. I gave this number back on June 15, 2010.  I lost all rationality because of my insane thinking and behavior. I got 3 years in prison.


While doing this time, I was able to consider what had transpired. I thought about my involvements, the drugs, drinking, or anything else that would contribute to me getting high. My incarceration was a rescue for me.  My thought was this, “I WAS NOT ARRESTED, I WAS RESCUED.” During this time, God gave me a vision.  This vision was to help women like myself to re-enter society.


I was transferred from El Centro, California’s Volunteer of America sector to Freedom House in San Diego, CA.  I successfully completed their drug prevention/rehabilitation program.  This program stipulated that I abide by the rules and regulations of the CDC parole conditions.  During the required time period I had to take monthly urinalyses test and seek employment.  While in transition, I met a woman at my church that offered me a job referral.  She told me about the Urban League of San Diego County and expressed how this organization had helped her.  She also told me that I might have a good chance of getting hired if I would be willing to start out as a volunteer.   I decided that this would help me with my parole conditions, meet new people who might recognize my talent, and utilize my skill-set.

The President and CEO of The Urban League, has helped me tremendously over the years.  Along with the staff, they have been supportive during my time on parole as well as believing in helping women get their lives together.  I got a chance to show my competency by using and teaching my knowledge of computer technology.  The San Diego Urban League has given me something that no one else has given me, the opportunity to become a positive force in society.


Today, I’m off of parole, have received my expungement, along with my Certificate of Rehabilitation, and running Women’s Re-Entry Program through the Urban League of San Diego County and also has started my own Non-Profit which is called “Women Initiating Success Envisioned”  (WISE)  Which came from women incarcerated. My mission is: “to counsel, educate, and  prepare women inmates for successful re-entry into their communities; to train, support, and assist women upon release to overcome discrimination, negative stigmas, and other obstacles associated with their past and re-entry needs;  thereby, empowering them to become self-sufficient and productive members of society”. I have 420 employers, over 2000 participants from year to date.  I work hard to help those who want to help themselves. As I moved forward, I will continue helping women who are re-entering society get their lives together







County of San Diego Chief’s Advisory Group

Alternative for Incarceration (SanDag)

Board of State Community Corrections (BSCC)        

County of San Diego Roundtable

County of San Diego District Attorney: Community, Action, Resource, Engagement (CARE)

San Diego City College City Scholars

County of San Diego Sheriff Department: Las Colinas Instructor for Psychosocial Services

Old Globe: Shakespeare in Prison Conference

California Black and Brown Summit

The Chamber San Diego-East County 16th  & 17th Annual Woman of the Year Nominee

Certificate of Recognition

State of CA Senate Certificate of Recognition Outstanding Community Service

United State of America Member of Congress Certificate of

Special Congressional Recognition of Nomination of the “Women in Leadership Award

San Diego County Board of Supervisor Certificate of Recognition Nomination of Woman in Leadership Award

CA State Assembly Certificate of Recognition “Woman of the Year Nomination

U.S. House of Representatives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

“Nomination of 2018 Women in Leadership Award by the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce

CA Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition: 2018 WILL Award Nominee

State of CA Board of Equalization Certificate of Recognition: Women in Leadership Luncheon 2018 Award Nominee

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